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Kids will be kids!

Kindred mats provide a familiar space to play, grow and learn. 

Having a consistent space enables kids to find a space where they learn, concentrate and play best. A kindred mat will help to define a child's work space, creating a sense of order, thus allowing them to flourish.

From playtime and changing, to craft and homework, the right kindred mat will make life a little easier. Whether its a mini, a round, a rectangle or a square, a kindred mat should slot into your perfectly imperfect life with ease. 

Kindred; 'one's family & relations'

Kindred mats were designed with family and friendships in mind. A luxurious, portable space to come together and share in playtime and picnics! 

Kindred mats may be left out all day, kept in the car for spontaneous picnics, or folded on a shelf in your home - ready to grab for playtime, yoga or mealtime.

limited stock

Due to high-demand, unexpected turnover and the COVID-19 pandemic, we have limited stock available at this stage. 
We hope that you can understand and be patient with us at this time. 

If you can get your hands on one, we hope you enjoy your mats!