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Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I take care of my kindred. mat?

The mats are easily cleaned with a wet cloth or baby wipe for mess such as paint and chalk.

Dry mess such as crumbs and sand can be shaken off, or wiped with a dry cloth. Please ensure that your mat is dry before folding and packing away, to avoid mould forming.

Are kindred. mats water-resistant? 

Kindred. mats are double-sided. Water will form in beads and will not soak in to either side of the mat. They can be used outdoors on wet grass, or at the beach, wiped clean with a towel or dry cloth after use. 

What are kindred. mats made from? 

Kindred. mats are made from a synthetic, leather-like product. They are durable and soft to touch.

How do I get creases out of my mat? 

Your mat may crease after being folded. The creases will come out over time if you are leaving your mat out as a permanent rug.

Leaving the mat outside, flat in the sun will help them fade quicker - do not iron your mat. 

What materials are not recommended for use on the mat?

Kids paint is ok for use on the mat, however we would suggest you do not use acrylic or oil-based paints as they may stain. Kid-friendly textas are ok however, be sure to clean promptly after use.

We do not recommend that ball-point pens and permanent markers are used directly on your mat. Always make an effort to clean any mess off your mat quickly after use to avoid permanent damage.