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mini range
mini range
mini range
mini range
mini range

mini range

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Luxury, vegan leather, portable mats, for indoor and outdoor use.


 mini 56cm x 36cm
 mini+ 71cm x 46cm

Suitable for a range of purposes; 
Play Use me as a play mat - forget scratched + marked benches! 
Montessori mat

The work mat is a quintessential Montessori device - kids are given the freedom to choose where they play, work and concentrate best, with the consistency of the mat space.
The mini + is the perfect size for your ikea flisat table and a larger alternative for a range of play activities. 

Baby Change  As a parent, we know change time can happen anywhere, anytime - portable and easy to clean, you won't look back.
Dining  Perfect to use as a placemat for you, your mini's or your guests. For everyday use or when hosting to add some flair - and protect your table!

Mess proof, life proof and stylish, the big question is - where, and what for, will you use your mat next?